Types of Qualitative Research

Martin & Stowe provides a full spectrum of qualitative research services including:

  • Exploratory Research to understand the attitudes and perceptions that shape and drive purchase behavior
  • Concept or Product Development to identify new product opportunities or refine those under development
  • Positioning to powerfully differentiate a company or brand from its competition
  • Branding to explore the current equity of a company or brand or to explore new branding directions
  • Communications to enhance the effectiveness of advertising and other communications programs
  • Naming, Packaging to explore what various alternatives communicate and how to refine and select from among them
  • Technology/Web to explore new technologies and communications tools and optimize their ability to reach and form a relationship with your consumer

Meeting Facilitation Services

Martin & Stowe provides meeting facilitation services, designed to help decision makers accomplish their agendas and, as desirable, reach consensus. We also conduct sessions specifically focused on ideation, positioning and strategic planning.

Qualitative Research Methods

We specialize in focus groups and in-depth discussions conducted wherever your audience is best engaged or observed: traditional focus group, at home/work/play, on the phone or over the Web. Some of the methods we employ:

  • Traditional Focus Groups or Smaller Group Sessions conducted in a research facility
  • In-depth Interviews with one person at a time, in person or remotely
  • Online Discussions to reach a geographically dispersed audience and/or to engage them over a period of time
  • Ethnography to observe consumers in their “natural habitat” at home, at work or at play
  • On-Site Interviews and Discussions in non-traditional environments such as bars, retail stores, museums, etc.

Quantitative Research

Martin & Stowe partners with Cooper Roberts Research when the client requires both a qualitative and quantitative research solution.

Ken Roberts started Cooper Roberts in 1991, the same year we started Martin & Stowe. Both companies have as their goal bringing clients the very best in their respective fields. Partnering on projects that involve both qualitative and quantitative, Martin & Stowe and Cooper Roberts have developed a close working relationship that delivers clients a seamless research process with the richest possible insights.