Our Process

It all starts in conversation with you. What do you need to know? What decisions do you need to make? From this we will develop a research plan tailored to your requirements, utilizing the types of research, interview formats and techniques that will generate the actionable information you want.

  • Discovery and Planning

    When you give us the go ahead, we’ll start by drilling deep on your project — using the Web, past research you’ve done and other planning documents you might provide. We will also look to our own experience and knowledge to see what methods might be effectively leveraged for your study. We conference with you and other key stakeholders to make sure that all issues are on the table and will be addressed by the research.

  • Screening and Recruitment

    We know that the success of any research project rests on interviewing the right people. As a result, we spend a lot of time on the recruitment process: carefully designing a screener questionnaire, working with the best recruiters and managing the process on a daily basis to confirm we’re getting good respondents with the right qualifications.

  • Discussion Guide

    While recruitment is underway, we work with you to develop a discussion guide for the upcoming research. This guide is not a script, but rather a road map to facilitate the flow of the discussion. The guide indicates areas of exploration, the types of questions we’ll ask, the techniques we plan to use and so on. We also like to build in enough time into the agenda to pursue threads of interest that emerge during the discussion; it’s often these inquiries that lead to the richest discoveries.

  • Interviewing

    Our interviews or group discussions are conversations that put respondents at ease and allow them to access and express their deeper feelings. Years of experience have taught us the means and methods most productive in drawing people out, getting under early control those who might wish to dominate and working to lessen group bias by allowing individuals to get their feelings on record before conversation begins.

  • Analysis and Reporting

    At this point, we step back and review and reflect on what we have seen and heard. In our analyses, we don’t just sift through and report on the information gathered. We digest it. We filter it through our own disciplined thinking and creative vision. We give you powerful insights and clear direction. No matter what form it takes – informal debrief session, topline summary, full report and/or presentation, our final product to you is one that identifies opportunities and nspires action.