Corporate Research

Martin & Stowe provides large corporations and smaller start-up companies with in-depth consumer understanding and marketing counsel as a foundation for building strong products, brands and communications programs. We are fortunate to have among our clients many of the world’s leading and most innovative companies. We invite you to visit our client page and to ask us about our experiences.

Our category experience is broad.

We have conducted thousands of interviews and focus groups across a broad range of product categories with business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) segments. Consumer targets span the spectrum on age, income levels and, honestly, almost everything else. Business-to-business targets include IT professionals, C-level executives, Physicians, heads of NGOs and Congressional Chiefs of Staff. To explore the broad range of product categories in which we have worked, please click here.

Our business experience is deep.

From formal business education, previous experiences in the corporate world and the hundreds of projects we have undertaken, we bring a great depth of understanding of business, marketing and advertising theory and practice to every project.

For your project, this means putting your results in a actionable business context. Wedon’t just report on what consumers told us; we digest the learning and filter it through our disciplined thinking and creative vision to give you the powerful insights and clear business direction you need.

We are highly skilled moderators.

We get to the core of what motivates the consumer. It’s not enough to ask the question, why? It begs rational and superficial responses when, in reality, purchase decisions are made at a much deeper level. Martin & Stowe has developed an approach to interviewing and an arsenal of investigative tools and techniques that allow us to go in-depth where others may just scratch the surface.

For your project, this means solid, in-depth understanding on which to base your decisions.